About Us


The Energy Funds managed by Clean Energy Transition LLP first launched in 2015 at Lansdowne Partners, the London based hedge fund. Seven years later we set up our own management company, dedicated to the energy transition. We have the same team, mission, funds and investors. We have a “one firm” approach, fostering talent through a collegiate culture founded on our Guiding Principles.

Guiding Principles

Our values are our guiding principles. They inform our long term-term vision for the firm and how we treat our colleagues and clients each day.

We will always strive to:

Safeguard our clients’ interests not our own.

Seek full alignment with our clients’ interests, so that if contradictions emerge, we aim to put our clients’ interests ahead of the Firm’s or its individuals’.

Focus together to achieve superior risk adjusted returns.

Strive for constant improvement by taking a collaborative approach, learning from our successes and mistakes, not switching our focus from areas of competitive advantage.

Accelerate the transition into a clean energy future.

Be a positive force for the energy transition by deploying capital effectively and engaging in a proactive dialogue with all stakeholders.


Our deep and broad experience in utilities and energy is unrivalled. Some of us hail from engineering backgrounds. We have worked at industrial companies and spent decades navigating financial markets. We have been educated in seven different countries, worked in over a dozen countries, spanning five continents and are fluent in a combined total of nine languages.

Top left to right: Nilima Begum, Nishant Gupta, Benjamin Singh, Guy Farmer, Manuel Lopez Diaz, Rafal Gutaj

Bottom left to right: Lueder Schumacher, Naomi Gill, Sophia Hart, Eirik Hogner, Per Lekander, Grace Pettifer, Paul Sheppard

Portfolio Manager and CEO, Per Lekander, has over thirty years’ experience across the global energy spectrum. Prior to launching the Energy Dynamics fund at Lansdowne Partners in 2015, he managed a $1.3bn utilities fund at Norges Bank. As head of Global Utilities Research at UBS, he won multiple awards for industry and company analysis. Per was Senior Expert Consultant in Power and Gas at McKinsey, working alongside companies around the globe for close to ten years. He spent two years at the Paris-based IEA, as the Principal Administrator in Renewal Energy Technologies Policy.

Per started his career at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences where he was Head of the Energy Unit. He holds a Licenciate in the Economics of Technology (Microeconomics) and an MSC in Mechanical Engineering (majoring in Power Engineering) from the Chalmers University of Technology.